TWO things make a post


lace on tattoo, yes
thrust fuck finger tracing please
lace is something after



boundaries  just lines on paper maps
a little fire and troy
just gone, memphis abandoned.
you and i will never visit there
or there
again together



(it's taking so looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong!)


bored and hi(gh)


1. i am supposed to be training on a new platform at work
2. it looks like i am to them, but not so much.  i read manual later
3. ok, i stop ignoring lj now
4. my cat ran away.  we shall now see if she comes back.  maybe she wants to become indoor/outdoor now
5. it's a brand new world apparently
6. facebook is evil
7. be careful not to friend me twice
8. things are things, and often cryptic
9. hi! how are you? high. how high are you? hi.

0: oh, and check out the spam comments i keep getting here

grumpy sean

Best wishes......



to everyone i love away at a fun burn or con or stuck at home in need of cheer or already happy, in need of distraction, puzzle, whatever, tell me, can you read that picture really?